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WallPepper® Group in Verona’s heart 21.11.2019

WallPepper® ‘dresses’ the walls of the Leon d’Oro Hotel’s best suites

The Leon d’Oro Hotel, always byword for elegance and hospitality, is positioned in a very special area of Verona, this place is well-known as the “city of love”.

Every space, from the rooms to the restaurant, hall and winter garden, is marked by charming and luxurious atmosphere: everything here is designed to be enjoyed with senses and to satisfy clients’ needs, living the precious feeling of a pleasant holiday and wonderful stay, whatever is the reason of journey. On the upper levels, there’s an exclusive and refined area composed by luxury suites furnished with all the comfort and best services.

Comfort, style and elegance are main “ingredients” to surprise guests.

WallPepper®, thanks to its extraordinary decorative power, technical features and green policy, its’ been selected for enhance spaces and “tell about” suites’ history in a perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

In this kind of location can’t miss the acoustic comfort! Thanks to WallPepper® Acoustic: customized graphics selected to decorate the rooms are all printed on this special System, tested and certified for being a real sound-absorbing and insulation system, developed to improve the general wellness of the spaces.

WallPepper® Acoustic – that can be applied also on the ceiling – differentiate sound from noise reducing considerably the echo, it’s so ideal to improve general wellness into hotellerie location or in contemporary contract field.

WallPepper®, with their stunning graphics, has confirmed that attention to details and quality are features that define all the hotel. So, each room become an unique and poetic space where many different and always engaging atmospheres make the journey a real wellness moment.

WallPepper® Acoustic, to design not only with the eyes… could we still call it “wallpaper”?

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