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Rastelli #1 Semiserious tale of a brand 28.03.2019

The principles, the values, and the objectives of the brand Rastelli are enclosed in its own name. It takes eight letters to tell in a funny way the story of a brand that is deeply related to the tradition of Italian know-how, which have found a relevant stage within the international background.

R. as Renzo Rastelli, founder of the brand and ARAN World’s CEO.

A. as Artisan’s handicraft, an important value, a talent which is rooted deep into the production ability of the company. Able artisans cut, work and paint the wood, carrying out new kitchens every day, ready to meet more and more different needs. A great example of such mastery is the model Tiffany, of classic inspiration, embellished by rich decorations, and details in gold and silver foils.

S. as Sustainability, because the attention to the environment is a subject the brand really care for, and for this reason choose in fact to concentrate all its production in 7 buildings located in Abruzzo, each of them certificated ISO 9001, OHSAS, ISO 14001.

T. as Tailor-made: the Rastelli research and development team, composed of engineers and architects commits to not only satisfy each personalization request but also to industrialize eccentric and extravagant projects. Emblematic is the challenge launched by the realisation of the kitchen KOOK, born from the inspired design of Karim Rashid, and apparently too complicated to produce: the sinuous line which defines this kitchen’s profile asks for few more abilities regarding, for instance, the position and assembling of the appliances. Nevertheless, the brand’s team and the technologic efficiency of the production sites has made the realization of the project possible exactly as the designer first conceived it.

All the rest in the next episode, stay tuned!

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