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Quantum, the new unique and indivisible hood by Falmec 18.09.2018

Suction and cooking, all in one solution

The design behind the new Quantum extractor by Falmec is inspired by the movement of quantum particles which are indivisible. Quantum represents a new system that perfectly integrates cooking and extraction all in one unit which will eliminate odors and vapours without compromising on the design. Quantum has fused together cooking and suction with a central automated glass aerofoil system which allows the fast exit of air and recesses after operation. The unit is made up of four flex zones with 9 power levels, a booster and is all touch control. Quantum is equipped with a 600 m3/h brushless motor and with intelligent automated cooking and extraction according to your needs. The system is embellished by a matte black frame that delimits the extraction area and also acts as a protective element.

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