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Melting Light. New finishes for the upholstery of the living collection. 19.11.2020

The pleasure of relationships, of meeting and chatting, are small or great joys to be experienced, today more than ever, in the intimacy of our home. Turri proposes a new way of living amidst beauty, understood as a tangible, immediate value, capable of improving one’s mood, and launched a new version of the Melting Light sofa and armchair with the intent of making the living area even warmer and more welcoming.

It is the result of Frank Jiang’s design and the craftsmanship of the historic Brianza-based company, these sofas and armchairs fascinate with the grace of the shapes and the careful choice of materials. Inspired by the symmetry typical of the Ming style, the lines become comfortable, sinuous, enhanced by metal elements that attract the attention of a more contemporary taste.

In the new version of the sofa, the structure and the armrests are offered in hound-coloured leather, while the back and the seat are in brick-coloured fabric, the same used for the upholstery of the entire armchair.

Both upholstered items are characterized by enveloping profiles, with concave shaped armrests slightly protruding outwards. The brushed gold metal, such a characteristic element of this collection, can also be found in the tubular element that surrounds the base of the seat and in the detail that embellishes the feet and the upper part of the legs, in particular the front ones, diagonally sectioned. The legs, specifically slender, in ash walnut finish, give extreme lightness to the overall structure.

The shade of the fabric, tending to red, suggests a renewed desire for conviviality. It is in fact a warm, symbolic colour, in its most elegant expression in this recent version of the Melting Light sofa and armchair. The precise craftsmanship of the leather, the wood and the metal accentuate the artisanal tradition of Turri, capable of transforming every home into an oasis of contemporary luxury.

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