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Turri, a temple of fine dining 11.02.2021

Gathering around the table is a habit that is as ‘ordinary’ as it is symbolic: it could mean the moment when loved ones are celebrated, even family ones, or it can represent a worldly, social, even business occasion. The power of conviviality, so typical of Italian culture, is one of those values that Turri has been able to export all over the world thanks to its dining collections. A wide range of tables and chairs, with attention to every detail and able to tell the taste and personality of the guests, has allowed the Company to introduce a new way of living amidst beauty to very prestigious international residences.

Andrea Bonini designed the most recent collection, Zenit, a tribute and reinterpretation of the nautical and automotive world. Characterized by a play of overlapping tops, the table and the chairs suggest an idea of suspension and lightness: the extremely thin and linear structure of the seats is made of lacquered metal and upholstered in leather, complemented by comfortable cushions. We can find the same light metal structure, however embellished by a wooden cover, in the legs of the table that support the top available in different finishes, wood or marble.

Also by Bonini, Zero collection is the expression of a combination of graphic signs and refined details, oriental style and elegance typical of Italian tradition. What catches the eye is the sculptural base of the table, with two ‘wings’ covered in leather, metal details and the large marble top. The chairs, on the other hand, are characterized by the upholstery, in leather or fabric, enriched by a rear pocket – also in leather – that wraps the backrest.

Still on the subject of the link between East and West, here is the collection Vine by Frank Jiang. Again, Turri craftsmanship has been able to create a sculpture table: here the wooden structure is slender and light, inspired by the natural shapes of vine shoots; the chairs are extremely enveloping, and the arched opening of the backrest, bending, gives shape to the armrests.

Another oriental echo pervades the Melting Light collection, also by Frank Jiang. The table, with ‘soft’ and linear legs, features a tubular metal detail typical of the ancient tables of the Ming dynasty; the chairs, with the same wooden structure and metal applications, fascinate for their circular shapes and the workmanship of the backrest, for which a customizable leather upholstery is also possible.

Last but not least, Milano collection – designed for Turri by Studio SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli – expresses the character and modernity of the city from which it is inspired and from which it bears its name. Sinuous and continuous lines define the metal structure of the legs of both the table and the chairs. Here the curved lines of the base ‘rise’ to create a large backrest that wraps around the seat. The leather upholstery of the chairs, like the inserts of the table, recall the bold and cosmopolitan character of Milan.

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