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Fabula: innovative processes and timeless style 15.07.2020

Fabula is a mix of modernity and tradition. This model, a Rastelli’s latest project designed by Ulisse Narcisi, is astounding for its ability to balance different styles, high-quality materials and accurate processing. The wide and varied catalogue offers endless possibilities of customization, so as to turn the kitchen into a functional and exciting place at the same time, where you can express tastes, expectations and values.

Inspired by the contamination of different elements, including cultural ones, Fabula reinterprets the classical style in a contemporary key. The constant research in innovation allowed Rastelli to develop a very special, long, complex and partly artisanal processing technique that enables to create MDF doors capable of creating a kind of optical illusion. In fact, thanks to the finish ‘metal effect glossy lacquered white or aluminum’, the panel looks like steel. It is therefore possible to combine innovative finishes like this with other more classic, such as the leather oak, and design a kitchen in which different suggestions balance and harmonize with each other.

One of the many possible combinations consist of a cooking area with a decidedly industrial flavour with metal effect doors and a large professional hood on the one hand, and a more traditional washing and working area on the other hand. Here, the wooden doors, completely smooth but warmed by the timeless shade of the oak, are embellished by a handle with an essential design, a further touch of modernity. To lighten the composition in which stands out the marble, chosen for the worktops and the backsplashes, there are the wall and glass cabinets with framed doors in chromed metal and smoked glass, functional and elegant at the same time. Finally, the project is completed by the columns with oak leather doors, perfect to house the appliances.

While combining different styles, every Fabula composition is well balanced and harmonious, able to meet the need for contamination, but also for uniqueness, so typical of our times.

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