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Through the eyes of new designers: a journey into the future 21.04.2022

Turri’s history has been built on reciprocity: a perfect balance of complicity and trust that has always characterized the relationship with the various designers who, over the years, shaped the values of the company.

“Collaborative” is the best way to describe the relationships Turri establishes with designers, both past and present, who cooperate with the company. The cooperation is a two-way partnership, in which the direct participation of the designers is essential.

As an example, in 2019 Daniel Libeskind designed the complete layout of the stand for the International furniture fair in Milan (Salone del Mobile). Today, the forthcoming edition of the Salone is approaching, and Turri is turning its gaze to the future by announcing that Paola Navone, Matteo Nunziati, Monica Armani and Studio Gensler are joining the creative team.

Paola Navone’s creations mirror her unmistakable style and stylistic code, in which functionality and harmony are transformed into shapes and colors that confirm her eclecticism. Inspired by the fashion world, the blue color and woven pattern are two striking details that energize the soul of her collection.

Among the novelties, Matteo Nunziati will represent the company at the exhibition. His projects, enhanced by the skillful selection of raw materials, show the elegant combination of interior architecture and design of the product. The collaboration with Nunziati is comprehensive; the new Domus collection includes dining, living and bedroom.

Monica Armani is famous for her attention to detail and geometric experimentation. Her new productions for the next Salone are mainly in the dining room, with a few pieces in the bedroom area. Her ability to grasp even the smallest facets, both in the macro and in the micro, is clearly visible in her new creations. The living and bedroom areas express her conception of contemporary design, based on the elimination of the unnecessary in order to pursue the purity of the content.

Studio Gensler, founded in 1965 in San Francisco by Art and Drue Gensler, now has more than 40 offices around the world and has dealt with architecture, interior design, real estate and urban planning since its beginning. Uniting integrated technology with traditional craftsmanship is a common denominator in the pieces that will be presented at the next Salone del Mobile. The pieces have been designed to welcome guests and exceed their expectations, similar to the feeling of a refined hotel lobby.

The reconfirmation of Giuseppe Viganò marks the company’s inclination towards design research, as a starting point to experiment with materials and reach new horizons. The new Drum sofa and the extensions of the Blues and Soul are the new collections from Viganò. The presence of Giuseppe Viganò reaffirms itself as well in the entire design of the Turri stand. The result will be a tale of many voices tale of the most innovative proposals of this 2022.

“The decision to welcome new names of international importance has been taken as a communication strategy for more than two years, and its aim is to bring the company closer to new opportunities and insert it in a global market.

The need for change, to keep up with the times, continually leads us to reflect on the importance of contemporary design as a response to a future that, today, seems to be even more uncertain. This also translates into a variation of the stylistic route: essential modern collections and flexible products that do not forget the traditional lacquered finish typical of the company. Over the years, the ability to listen and engage in cultural exchange with designers has allowed us to guarantee the uniqueness and quality of our production, updating it to the needs of contemporary customers”.

The artistic imprint of the Turri ‘family’ designers effectively interprets the operational and strategic processes of the brand, translating them into a vision that is personal and, at the same, functional. These new collaborations are fundamental to broadening Turri’s perspective and angling it more toward the future. Where technology alone cannot create desired results, the quality of a tradition intervenes. It finds in the sensitivity of “hand production” the possibility of creating unique products that reflect and respect the value of Made in Italy.


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