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WP/Acoustic, the sound-absorbing wallpaper is now even antibacterial 15.12.2020

– Pantone 2021 –

WP/Acoustic transform itself thanks to the addiction, in the WallPepper®/Group large solutions range, of the brandnew protective Wallsilk®Antibacterial: the sound-absorbing and decorative features are combined to the antimicrobial ones to create an high-quality product, even more technologically advanced and safe. All you need to decorate and live the spaces in total safety is just one system.

The charm of the surface, meant as narrative space, becomes functional: images, suggestions, inspiration and material effects are pictured on the WallPepper®/Group wallpaper textures, not just to bring personality on every kind of wall but also to create new acoustic comfort and housing well-being experiences.

So, the sound-absorbing and antibacterial wallpaper allows to design really comfortable, safe and protected spaces: from hotel and hospitality fields to private houses’ living-rooms, from big offices to home-working places. With WallPepper®/Group images become the solution to preserve the health of people whom live these spaces.

WP/Acoustic and Wallsilk®Antibacterial

WP/Acoustic is the really sound-absorbing and insulating system, developed by WallPepper®/Group to improve the acoustic comfort of a space. WP/Acoustic, tested and certified, is made by special fiber glass technical rolls of 3 mm of thickness and by a transparent matt protective; it could be applied on the wall and on the ceiling, differentiating sound from noise considerably and reducing echo. With WP/Acoustic, the wallpaper transform itself in the ideal decorative material to characterize home, private and public spaces.

Wallsilk®Antibacterial is the innovative protective by WallPepper®/Group with really antibacterial features. Wallsilk®Antibacterial is a two-component formulation with anti-proliferation of bacterial action which can be used onto already applied wallpaper. Bacteria in contact with surfaces treated with WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL cannot develop, they are eliminated at 99.9%. The antimicrobial protective’s properties are possible thanks to its composition enriched with silver salts, antibacterial metal and disinfectant which has a ‘natural’ germicidal action.

The WallPepper®/Group wallpaper confirm itself as an excellent decorative element, the perfect solution to satisfy aesthetic and functional needs in every project, residential or contract, and to offer a real help to professionals in the interior decoration field.

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