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With Gavi relaxing has never been so easy 04.07.2023

Like the small island in the Pontine archipelago from which it takes its name, Gavi is the new collection of upholstered furniture with linear profiles and welcoming shapes designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Liu Jo Living.

The elegance of the rocky coastline overlooking the sea is evoked by the upholstery and details that characterise Gavi sofas.

Like free-moving waves, also Gavi shows its versatility in the deep seat that lends itself to multiple compositions and in the backrest, available both in the version with roller and independent cushion and with an innovative headrest mechanism, adjustable to various positions, completely incorporated, and therefore hidden, in the padding.

Attention to detail that Liu Jo Living reveals not only in the choice of materials but also in the fittings that can be applied: an example is the curved plywood armrest, which can become a practical support surface. Elements that make everyday living a unique experience in which carving out a carefree moment of relaxation becomes easier than one might think.

A cosy, versatile but also very flexible solution that fits into the living environment naturally and easily. All supported by slender painted aluminium feet that add lightness to the entire structure.

Liu Jo Living’s desire to reinterpret style and time finds in the removable covers of upholstered items and the continuous updating of accessories and complements the result of its constant search for sustainability. A development model that makes it possible to maintain high product and quality standards.


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