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Winter, Rug from the new Foliage Collection by Carpet Edition. Design: Studio Romani Saccani Architetti Associati. 20.10.2021

“Evergreen species like ivy and holly are among the few that survive the deep cold and stand out superbly against white blankets of snow.”

The words of Michele Romani and Mauro Saccani bring to mind a striking image of a cold season, the period to which Winter – the third carpet from Foliage Collection – is dedicated.

The collaboration between the young company and Romani Saccani Associated Architectural studio has given life to an original and vivacious décor proposal: following the change of seasons, focused on leaves and their transformation in shape and color, the idea of four rugs was conceived, each dedicated to a time of year.

Winter evokes, in its form, the angular silhouettes of typically “winter” leaves, like holly or ivy. The color palette is in cool tones, which recall snowy winter vistas.  From white to green, with various grey and taupe tones, the colors are soft and sober, never intrusive. As in all the rugs in the collection, Winter is produced with two different techniques within the piece, velvet and boucle. The difference between the first, which gives a softer aspect to the pile, and the second, which almost seems rippled, is more compact and consistent, is well evidenced by the central line of the rug, a perfect replica of the main vein of a leaf. The wool used, exclusively from New Zealand raised sheep, is particularly soft and resistant and retains all of the characteristics of this natural fiber: has excellent thermal properties, is fire resistant and sound absorbent, and is ideal in both residential and commercial high traffic areas.

Carpet Edition counts among its strengths the ability to intertwine ancient artisanal production methods with attention to design; Architects Romani and Saccani tend to prefer simplicity, and understand how it can arouse emotions. Creativity, authenticity, tradition and attention to detail are central characteristics of Foliage, a collection with a spirit of youth, whose pieces are able to become the protagonist in any area of the home.

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