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We care about tomorrow 20.04.2022

Designing the contemporary bathroom and thinking about tomorrow

For duka, sustainable production and respect for the environment are very important factors. The responsible and conscious use of energy and raw materials at all levels of activity is a real priority. Every function and process takes place in harmony with nature. This is why duka takes it upon itself to produce shower enclosures of the highest technical quality with a stunning design and respect for sustainability.


Production and environment

The production of the shower enclosures is entirely realized in the headquarters in Bressanone – the glass of the shower enclosures comes from the duka factories and also the aluminium is processed internally – in order to have direct control over the different activities and, at the same time, to ensure the quality of the materials and the respect of the safety standards and European regulations.

Each product is produced on demand only, so that raw material requirements can be calculated and waste minimised. From the production of shower enclosures, to the engineering of the electrical, heating and ventilation systems in the headquarters, duka pays the utmost attention to optimising the consumption of energy and raw materials by using only environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly disposal.

All the elements used are in fact recyclable or easily disposable, such as the packaging boxes for the showers.

The production and office areas are equipped with a sophisticated cooling system that uses the thermal energy of water from the nearby river Eisack, a solution that makes it possible to climate the areas (approx. 40,000m²) in a cost-effective and above all environmentally friendly way.

Thanks to the installation of a large photovoltaic system on the roof of the headquarters, duka produces a large part of the energy it needs.


Design, high performance, durability, reliability and safety are the aspects that best describe duka solutions. The sustainability of a product depends in particular on one of these characteristics: durability. A duka shower enclosure is an excellent, high quality product, designed and built to last a long time, which is why it becomes the sustainable addition to your bathroom.

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification awarded to some models of the extensive duka shower enclosure series is proof of the South Tyrolean Companies commitment to environmental protection. The Environmental Product Declaration is an internationally recognised system that records environmental data in the life cycle of a product and determines its “ecological footprint”. The Life Cycle Assessment analyses the environmental impact of a shower enclosure by monitoring its entire life cycle, from the recovery of the raw materials, to its production, distribution, installation, use and disposal.


Whit these actions, duka confirms to be a reliable company. duka is a family business that not only reflects a strategic and efficiency-oriented entrepreneurial thinking, but is also committed to protecting the environment through a constant, healthy, energetic and well-organised growth of each of its activities.

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