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WallPepper® turns your home into a secret garden 12.05.2017

The first sun that rays on the skin, the breeze that moves the leafy branches, the noise of a bug. Hidden in the forest, there’s a little door that takes to a secret garden.

This is the beginning of the WallPepper® spring tale, with wallpapers showing different universes that evoke the ancient frescos or the fluctuating worlds of the Japanese ukiyo-e.

There, between shining flowers and leaves mantles, you can also find butterflies, little bugs and birds, in a perspective of pure nature unknown to the human being.

Giardino segreto, Growing bliss and La selva fiorita, from the new Silk Way Collection 2017, explore peaceful and unexplored places where the springtime is free to reveal its different moods and colours.

As in Glicine and Livia, showing on the walls different interpretations of nature with several approaches, but always charming.

Instead, the identity of the Naturalis collection shows a more graphical essence, surely less multi-coloured but still very romantic. Grazie dei fior, Herbarium and The severed garden, transform the botanical lithographies into bright subjects that seem to break the fourth wall to embrace all the space with their smell.

For those who love graphics and for those who prefer the hyperrealism as well, for those who like the pastel colours and for those that prefer the pop ones, for the women but also for the men, WallPepper® offers in its catalogue many different solutions that satisfy each taste and style, on its special material made by PVC free textile fibres.

All you need to do is to wish…a little bit of spring.

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