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WallPepper®: the illusions of the new Postmodern collection 12.12.2017

The new Postmodern collection by WallPepper® is a mèmoire in the shape of images, a collection of ideas, projects and reproductions that belong to past but not so faraway and, for this reason, seems more familiar, touching.

The connection between the graphics is life: such as the brick walls of locations where someone has really lived, drafts of dreamlike palaces, the faces of the characters that wrote our history. But sometimes the passage of life is just mentioned as a graffiti on the wall, the mechanical ruins of a building, a wild garden…

The Postmodern style is industrial, paradoxically modern, or, for the lovers, steam-punk.

A collection made of fantastic images that bring in the contemporary spaces some subjects that belong to a undetermined time, in order to get involved and surprised.


WallPepper®, in order to present these images in big size for either private or contract spaces, has chosen the wallpaper material as support. But this is not a “standard” wallpaper, is a special Nonwoven fabric, PVC free and printed with eco-friendly inks. For this reason, the WallPepper® product is warm to the touch, silky as a piece of textile and, most of all, is safe for the health, also in hospital situations.

Also, even if it can seem delicate, WallPepper® has a good mechanical resistance and is odourless, breathable and hypoallergenic.

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