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Wallpepper illustrates a world of fairy tales for kids 14.01.2016

When you are a child you would like that everything around you could tell you a story in order to live in a wonderful world full of fable: coloured pencils, child’s cots or pajamas are more appreciated if there are any cartoons or superheroes’ images on it, maybe their favourite ones.

Then, if the bedroom walls become themselves a three-dimensional screens, able to evoke adventurous lands or interactive surfaces, the dream of every child would come true.

To create an unreal and magical atmosphere, Wallpepper bring two wallpaper collections to life, perfect to designed the kids rooms transforming them into an unique universe.

The Wallpepper KIDS collection, as the Domitilla Bertusi’s graphics included in the Wallpepper Fine-Art catalogue, shows funny landscapes, fairy tale characters, dinosaurs or odd animals.

When you put on the Wallpepper, the wall seems to have magical powers: the perimeter is deleted to become an aquarium full of strange sea creatures or grass and full of flowers ready to be picked or a stream in a place of the extreme North.

But there is more, the Wallpepper becomes an educational instrument useful to learn the alphabet, the different colours, the geometric shapes.

The themes of the KIDS collection are perfect to design infants, childreen but also kid’s bedroom in order to create very imaginative, stimulating and, first of all, eco-friendly spaces.

The Wallpepper materials are all sustainable, PVC free, made by cotton fibres and cellulose, fireproof (certified B1-s1, d0).

Wallpepper is odorless, breathable, hypoallergenic, it’s easy to remove when dry and it’s printed with pigmented inks in suspension with a latex polymer, it is resistant to the UV light.

The combination between the printing support without any kind of heavy metals and the green inks, satisfy all the regulations about health, for this reason Wallpepper can also be used in restaurants, schools and hospitals thanks to the Greenguard Children & Schools Certification.

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