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WallPepper® H2O, the new wonderful solution for the bathroom 28.06.2018

The wallpaper market has evolved considerably in the last few years: nowadays the new printing and production technologies, allow companies to offer wall coverings that are eco-sustainable and extremely performing, as well as aesthetically appealing.

An effective example is the wallpaper designed for the bathroom, printed on technical rolls able to resist not only to water splashes, but also in very moist environments (such as small windowless toilets), in the presence of steam (such as saunas), in case of incessant and direct contact with water (inside the shower enclosures), or even, with a special protective, in extreme situations, such as the bottom of a pool.

WallPepper®, a young Italian company, introduces the WallPepper® H2O collection, designed for all those who want to customize their bathroom with style. The support of WallPepper® H2O, a technical sheet that can be used for all the 500+ catalogue graphics, allows the reproduction of subjects in high resolution, but with unique technical characteristics. The 90 cm wide sheets, produced by project, are in fact fire resistant to (class B1), totally waterproof, resistant to steam, fading, and abrasion. Moreover, they are dry-removable, to avoid damaging the plaster.

Baths, saunas, showers, swimming pools etc, thus, can be completely transformed with patterns of natural inspiration and exciting works of art, without limits to the imagination.

The surface of WallPepper® H2O, resistant to stains and scratches, finally, can be also easily cleaned with standard household products on the market.

But that’s not all, because WallPepper® H2O can also be applied, with an easy preparation of the joint, on surfaces with ceramic tiles. In this way, renovating and giving a new look to the environment becomes even easier, at lower costs.

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