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WallPepper®/Group presents WP/Collections2020 29.04.2020

Extraordinary concepts and contemporary spaces

Ambiente it’s a line of unexpected graphics that recall to the marvels of the nature, to its elements
and its ‘residents’. It’s a succession of images that disclose seasons, emotional landscapes, exotic
and far away places made with the unique charm of colours, plants and flowers.

So, the brand-new WallPepper® of the Ambiente collection gets inspiration from the amazing
palette of nature’s colours, bringing together its spell and magic, to the wall of any place to define
the atmosphere and add value to the style.

With WallPepper® we can surround ourselves with beauty and dip completely in the represented
worlds, to live an emotional journey with full imagination.

WallPepper®/Group, tailored design and emotions
Could we still call it a ‘wallpaper’?


WallPepper® are decorative surfaces with unlimited expressive and functional possibilities. Expression of a high quality
Made in Italy, they are made only with natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and certified materials, to meet any decorative

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