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WallPepper®/Group presents the new Metallic line 18.05.2021

The precious wallpaper that makes the surfaces shine

The wide range of WallPepper®/Group decorative solutions expands with the new WallPepper®/Metallic line, the new wallpaper realized with gold and silver filigree that generates shiny and surprising reflections in the area in which it is installed.

This material is composed of TNT sheets coated with a synthetic compound of gold and silver filigree. The precious metal shades turn the room into an elegant setting.

WallPepper®/Metallic line is the new decorative solution ideal to create a unique atmosphere in any place at any time.

WallPepper®/Metallic line is the new highly-decorative wallpaper. It is a non-woven cellulose and textile fibers backed wallpaper, coated with a glossy metallic finishing. It is odourless, breathable, hypoallergenic and easy to install with the glue on wall technique. WallPepper®/Metallic line has good mechanic resistance and it is washable with a damp cloth and common neutral detergents.

WallPepper®/Metallic line is printed with eco-friendly, UV-resistant dark pigment inks with a solvent free polymer ink in water suspension. The heavy-metal-free printing base, together with the eco-friendly inks used, assures a salubrious environment.

WallPepper®/Metallic line reinforces the bond that connects wellbeing and interior design.

On the new website www.wallpeppergroup.com the models that are more suitable to be printed on WallPepper®/Metallic line have been highlighted. Upon request all the images of the catalogue can be printed on this material.

WallPepper®/Metallic line is pure tangible creativity and adorns the walls with sophisticated elegance.

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