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WallPepper®/Group presents the brand-new wallpaper collection 11.05.2023

New and surprising inspirational moodboards define the 2023 collection by WallPepper®/Group through unique and emotional graphics that speak in different and original languages.

The new catalogue celebrates the wall decoration not just as a creative tool to dress a location’s walls – indoor or outdoor, in a residential or contact project – making the space more engaging or exclusive but the WallPepper®/Group products are also resistant and safe, a solution that is able to satisfy different purposes.

The 2023 catalogue has been restyling in layout and concept in order to better discover every single graphic with an idea of setting, colour proposals and a close-up of the graphic detail; it’s a collection of amazing images from whom you can be inspired to design your desired space, they suggest you the atmosphere that they could create.

Offering a more and more varied range of original and different suggestions with a Kids section included, the new collection confirms once again the features that make the WallPepper®/Group product unique: quality and reliability of the materials (natural, eco-friendly and certified), tailored production, an opportunity to customize the image in color and design, on the project and freedom to choose among different solutions, each produced ad hoc to answer to a specific need of the final context of an application.

With its tailored wallpaper, WallPepper®/Group, once again, is ready to surprise!

Shapes, colours, dream suggestions, travels, adventures, geometries, perspective, nature, landscapes, material like textures… WallPepper®/Group changes the vertical dimension in an exciting storyboard where artistic and technical matters meet each other thanks to sustainable and innovative materials, creating, in this way, a special atmosphere in every kind of space (residential, working or expositive).


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