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WallPepper®/Group in Wonderland 27.10.2021

Embellishing the bedroom with functionality and passion

WallPepper®/Group products – thanks to the extraordinary decorative and technical characteristics – are ideal to customize and embellish the most private and intimate area of the house.

The graphics can be applied on the wall against the bed or 360° for an all-encompassing effect, turning the room into a place providing wellbeing and relax.

Stunning artworks which evoke the wonders of nature, floral paradises, structures, references to art and history, lush landscapes, eclectic mixes of shapes and colors are WallPepper®/Group scenarios, the perfect inspiration to customize the bedroom walls.

By perfectly combining aesthetics and functionality, each graphic can be printed on all the materials available, like the 100% eco-friendly nonwoven wallpaper WP/Smooth based of cellulose, linen and agave fibers, which make it soft to the touch just like fabric.

Acoustic comfort in the bedroom is truly important: all WallPepper®/Group images can be printed also on WP/Acoustic system, the real sound-absorbing wallpaper – tested, certified and developed to uplift the acoustic wellbeing in any environment, from Residential to Hotellerie. This system – composed of 3mm thick woven fiberglass technical sheets coated with a transparent protective – can be applied both on the walls and on the ceiling, differentiating sounds and noises considerably and reducing reverberation of sounds.

In kids’ rooms – for which comfort needs to be combined with safety – WallPepper®/Group recommends WP/Strong, the system which conjugates images and a superior physical resistance to scratches and abrasion.

To make the environments salubrious, including the bedroom, WallPepper®/Group created a state-of-the-art protective with a real antibacterial feature: WallSilk®/Antibacterial, the bicomponent formula with bacteria antiproliferation quality that can be spread on wallpaper once applied.

Germs that get in contact with the treated surfaces fail to flourish and 99.9% of the bacterial flora is eliminated. The antibacterial property of this protective is achieved thanks to a peculiar composition enriched with silver salts, naturally antibacterial and bacteriostatic.

WallPepper®/Group, much more than just wallpaper


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