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WallPepper®/Group in the working environment 02.12.2021

Creating new working and living experiences with wallpaper


The surrounding environment actively affects our wellbeing, our thinking and behavior.

Furnishing, organizing and embellishing the working areas, whether for offices or home working, to enjoy everyday working life has become fundamental for state-of-the-art interior design. The perception of the working space as a welcoming, comfortable, functional and motivating area influences the quality of life and the occurring of different activities.

Wallpaper is among the decorative solutions capable of generating wellbeing and making the working environment much more comfortable; whether in public spaces or private offices, other rooms or the domestic area. It can define the partition of space, adapted and shaped according to the working requirements.

WallPepper®/Group products – tailor-made, custom-printed and made only with natural and eco-friendly materials – bring even to the working space their wall-sized ‘artistic sublimeness’, assuring high-quality and durability. WallPepper®/Group graphics can be adapted to all the materials available and customized to match the specific requirements of each project, giving life to unique, tailor-made and safe working spaces.


WallPepper®/Group best solutions for the working areas


WP/Smooth, the main among WallPepper®/Group available materials, is a 100% natural non-woven wallpaper, based of cellulose, linen and agave fibers. It is smooth and pleasant to the touch, just like fabric.


It is a heavy material – due to its weight – composed of stain-proof recycled PET, with no need to apply further coatings.


This material combines images with a superior mechanical resistance to scratches, hits and abrasions; therefore, it is recommended for crowdy areas.


It is the real sound-absorbing and sound-insulating solution, developed to uplift acoustic wellbeing. By being applied on the ceiling or on the walls, WP/Acoustic differentiates sounds from noises and reduces reverberation of sounds, which makes it ideal for every public environment or those that need specific soundproof solutions.

To create salubrious working spaces, WallPepper®/Group promotes Wallsilk®Antibacterial, the antibacterial protective to be applied on wallpaper once hanged.


WallPepper®/Group, much more than just wallpaper


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