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WallPepper®/Group and its WP/H2O System 10.06.2021

Embellishing the kitchen with functionality and passion

 WallPepper®/Group leverages on the constant research for innovative interior and outdoor decoration to come up with specific systems and materials, in order to put its graphics in every environment, from facades to the kitchen.

One of the main objectives for interior design is to reach the balance between aesthetic and usefulness. The contemporary décor scenario evolved in this direction, adapting purely ornamental elements to a standard of high flexibility and liveability.

Wallpaper gives to home surfaces new expressive strength too, finding innovative contexts of application and becoming an emotional, performing and sustainable element for immersive and enchanting projects.

WallPepper®/Group graphics – printed on only natural, versatile, sustainable, certified and pvc free materials – are ideal to customize any environment, even kitchen walls, which are exposed directly to water and heat.

The special WallPepper®/H2O system makes it possible to customize the kitchen, widely considered “the heart” of the house, turning it into a functional, versatile and welcoming space, with the added value of superior hygiene and safety.

WP/H2O is a technical waterproof, heat-resistant and moisture-proof material. This innovative system is scratch resistant and very strong, as it is composed by smooth pressed glass fibers sheets coated with a special protective covering. This material is fire-retardant and can be easily cleaned. This exclusive system can be used as base for any graphics, in order to embellish the kitchen with freedom and creativity, all guaranteed by WallPepper®/Group quality standards.

WallPepper®/Group, much more than regular ‘wallpaper’.

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