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WallPepper®/group at ONU 20.03.2020

WallPepper®/group brings emotions and technical quality of its products and systems into the prestigious Hall XIX of United Nations in Geneva, which it’s been completely renewed thanks to a project by PEIA Associati Architecture Studio (www.peiaassociati.it/it/).

The ONU Hall is 4000 Sq. m. wide and it’s the greatest and most advanced technologies space of Geneva ONU, it contains 800 seats: 320 desks are intended for the representatives of states as many seats for assistants, these are in addition to the seats for observers and press.

Its architecture reflects United Nations’ values through its circular, concentric and radial pattern that expresses notion of equality, promoting identity of Nations and strength of Union to solve world’s problems.

The design of the United Nations room is also a clear reference to the cultural values of Qatar: the calligraphy (traditionally called Islamic calligraphy) is actually in a contemporary visual culture, without textual meaning and relationship with the religion. The final user, the United Nations, by compulsory laic and secular status, understood the graphic design proposal of PEIA’s team as a contemporary interpretation of an artistic expression, that no longer belongs only to the vast Arab world.

WallPepper®/group stands among “Made in Italy” Excellences which contributed to the realization of this project, so ambitious and complex.

The unique graphics, with an extraordinary visual effect that recalls the Islamic calligraphy, has been designed for the Hall by the PEIA Associati Studio and reinterpreted as a pure form of contemporary
graphic expressiveness, without meaning or religious content, in accordance with ONU rules and principles. The continuous graphics with seamless effect has been printed in high definition on ecological material of vegetal nature and with high acoustic performances. WallPepper® / group has thus created over 800/m2 of surprising highly performing decorative walls.

WallPepper® has been applied in two tested and verified systems, perfect to meet the Hall’s design requirements: WP/acoustic and WP/strong to maximize the comfort for United Nations delegates.

WP/acoustic is a real sound-absorbing and sound-insulating system realzed to improve the acoustic well being of rooms differentiating the sound from noise, reducing reverberation and also contributing to  energy savings thanks to thermal-insulating characteristics. The system is composed by special technical rolls 3mm thick and by protective WallSilk®CAT. WP/acoustic is an effectual solution for professionals who do not confine themselves to designing “with their eyes only”.

WP/strong is a new system developed to be applied in situations whereby it is necessary high resistance to  scratches, or places with special issues that require the use of aggressive detergents for cleaning. WP/strong is composed by WallPepper® Smooth eco-TNT and protective treatment WallSilk®CAT, also available in antibacterial version to meet the specific standards of healthcare environments.

High quality materials, eye for details and environmental care – meant as sustainability – together with the ability to satisfy the most sophisticated decorative purposes with the best technical solutionsand to stir up emotions through images, these are the essential elements of every WallPepper® product.

These features have led PEIA Associati Studio to rely on the expert professional guide of WallPepper®/group for projecting this important and representational place, that required not only an advanced technological support but also a strong emotional component.

WallPepper®/group, tailor made design and emotions
Can we still call it a “wallpaper”?

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