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WallPepper® debuts at HOST fair for the first time, with a great news 14.09.2017

NEWS! WallPepper® Acoustic, the sound-absorbent wallpaper


Wallpaper. The name is still explicative, but nowadays more than ever, it’s a dated and reductive word: the wallpaper is not a stock product anymore, it’s a media, a big and organized form of expression that creates real artworks. So, the walls are no more decorated with flowers, lines, pattern images but become – together with ceilings and flooring, for both indoor and outdoor spaces – unexpected surfaces, always different and customized to the millimeter.

As paradox is that the wallpaper today is not even made of paper anymore: the technical researches in this field and the unavoidable passage to the eco-friendly philosophy, have pushed for a more green and, above all, safe solution as textile fibers or fiber glass.

WallPepper® comes from this spark of innovation, bringing at HOST 2017 this new vision, the “2.0 wallpaper”, during the most important appointment in the Ho.Re.Ca. field.


Together with the new 2017 collections Classic, Grand Tour, Monochrome, Postmodern, Silk Way and Tropikos, that interpret in different ways the trends of contemporary design, during the fair it will be presented the new WallPepper® Acoustic, the sound-absorbent wallpaper.


A real preview of the 2018 Catalogue: WallPepper® Acoustic is made of fiber glass and it’s perfect to decorate all the public spaces. Thanks to its features, this material absorbs the noises and the reverberation in a room, making relax and meeting moments more pleasant and concentration times easier.

WallPepper® Acoustic combines the unique features of the wallpaper material (flexibility and customization, eco-sustainability, resistance and safety) with an essential technical functionality, unavoidable for those who designs not only with the eyes but with all the five senses. WallPepper® Acoustic is perfect for offices but also for restaurants, bars, waiting rooms, halls, hospitals, laboratories, etc.


WallPepper® Acoustic and the 2017 graphics will be at HOST

October, 20-24

Fiera Milano

Hall. 11 – Stand T42

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