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Wallpepper®, from breakfast to dinner 13.06.2016

For some, has to be a space with a traditional flavour, for others the praise of technology, a lively display where their creativity is shown or even a microcosm of ethnic charm that makes them feel real cosmopolitans. The kitchen is not just the heart of the house but also the space in which everyone transfer their own great expectations. It must be functional, friendly, emotional; a place to stay alone, with friends, where you can relax yourself or move around frantically in the preparations of a lunch or dinner. It follows you during the day from the early morning which is why it must be customized, both from the equipment to the atmosphere, created by the set of colours, furniture, memories and little details.

Everything, has to exactly talk about who is in the space as pasta jars on shelves, magnets from the several trips stuck on the fridge, slates for the shopping list or to leave loving messages before living the house, but also photos, small paintings or also the colours and patterns that surround this temple of intimacy home.

The welcome of the kitchen is also born from the walls and this is why Wallpepper® graphics are developed with the aim to decorate this special room, making it alike the sensitivity of its inhabitants.

The Mediterraneo collection, part of Wallpepper® Trend-Line Catalogue, read into the leitmotif of our culture with cheerfulness: colourful majolica plates create a picturesque texture in the “Casablanca” subject, while the very popular azulejas are the inspiration for

“Granada”, a kaleidoscope of designs and drawings in the strictly shades of white and blue. On the other hand, ”Milan” reminds us of the hexagonal tiles game very popular in the 70s, proposed in the shades of grey and beige to give to the kitchen a retro atmosphere.

The charm of nature returns in the Tropical Attitude and Naturalis collections: the walls now become a rain of tropical colourful fruits, a ground from which lush cactus or figs plants came to life, the juicy ingredients of our table.

Subject “Cafe” in the Retro line, however, the coffee-makers of the past speak about the

fundamental ritual of the early morning, when you just wake up, as well as the most famous Italian beverage in the world.

With Wallpepper® the kitchen is customized, fixed on our dreams, on our own way of life; but not only, because the wallpaper has a service value as it is certified for fire resistance in Class B-s1, d0; it’s odourless, breathable, hypoallergenic and waterproof.

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