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WallPepper® celebrates women 08.03.2017


Oriental, sensual, emancipated, brave, contemporary or Renaissance women. Women represented by WallPepper® embody all the archetypes related to the female figure and to her amazing charm, which inspired the most famous writers and poets in history. Woman, as we know, is a complicated being: sometimes is weak and defenseless, sometimes is brave or even a dangerous erotic charge bringer, she represents an infinite potential of extraordinary features.

And it is precisely these multiple shades – a mix of temperament, energy and emotion – that arise from the unique surfaces made by WallPepper®. The wallpapers from our two catalogues Trend_Line and Fine-Art express the deep idea of the feminine world and they associate a line, a graphic, a color palette to every woman.

Venus, main character of the “Ageless” line, symbolically opens the chapter: she has always been the emblem of love, beauty and fertility, an unsurpassed role because of her divine perfection.

Aiming to become a sort of contemporary, Roman, goddess is the character of Valentina, the leading lady of Guido Crepax’s comics. WallPepper® represents Valentina, with all her sensuality and unscrupulous independence, on an entire wall.

The feminine figure is not just represented in our catalogues but it is an integral part of WallPepper®: many female artists joined the project like Adele Ceraudo, with her sculptural and perfect black and white nudes. Her works, made with a BIC pen, express an erotic meaning and they project the image of a casual and strong woman, who faces the dangers of life with bravery.

On the other hand, the gentle figures made by Sofia Cacciapaglia, the Renaissance grace of the feminine characters by Adriana Glaviano, wrapped in pearls and precious brocades that enhance their nobility, and the hectic activities of the characters made By Alessandra Scandella with watercolours, who are involved in mundane appointments.

Last but not least, the geisha woman, with slight accessories in her hair, a white face and a fan in her hands, the symbol of her propensity to arts and dance.

A personality to every woman, and for each personality a wallpaper made by WallPepper®.

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