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W by Bross: architecture becomes a table 04.12.2017

There are those in the forms of the table W sees a knot, a tree, some archaic architecture, a graphic sign, the game of Mikado…

However, in this range of interpretations remain certainties which cannot be avoided. Like the curious play of volumes and balances that makes W objectively interesting, dictated by an interweaving of tubular elements that constitute the solid base on which the top is developed, declined in different materials. Or the use of different and precious wood essences, which intertwine in the base, penetrating a metallic element and giving rise to an elegant and surprising contrast.

The ability of manufacturing of bross materials reaches in the W family, in short, its maximum expression. A collection that proposes tables and coffee tables in different sizes, with round and rectangular tops, in wood or glass. Extremely elegant in the all-wood version, W’s great communicative strength finds its apex in the version with tempered glass top, where the construction at its base remains the substantial epicenter of the look.

The bases, of two types, develop horizontally with four elements, or vertically with three. Available in two different heights, the W table is adaptable in the dining area and in the conversation and meeting areas too.

W, designed by Luciano Marson, is not just a table but a real architecture, capable of embellishing and refining a space, both domestic and professional.

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