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Volare is the kitchen dream coming true. 12.05.2022

Appearances are not deceptive. Volare changes shape but never loses the elegance and versatility that have been its trademarks over the years. In the new makeover 2022, Volare has carved itself a pivotal role: seizing the surroundings, it becomes the heart and the meeting point of the room.

The independent block island, in the center of the kitchen, unveils all its possibilities of use: the most operational side contains the cooking area with a one basin sink equipped with a mixer tap and induction hobs. The storage unit set, integrated into the worktop, is a genuine solution for having everything organized and on hand. The snack side in Caracalla walnut, positioned between these two functional elements, makes the home environment more dynamic: moving to reach the worktops invite to the collaboration and participation, not simply in the physical space but also in all the activities that can be lived within. Volare’s dimension is the gathering one, built around the catalyzing presence of the table that through an invisible conjunction line merges all the elements of the kitchen area.

The integrated system of the storage elements allows to take full advantage of the spaces: the base cabinets of the island have been designed to fit doors and shelves, crucial to better organize the layout of the appliances and utensils.  To complete the composition, a linear configuration and a wall to storage every accessory. The alternation of fullness and emptiness given by the aluminum and glass sliding door, matched with the white mat lacquered tall units, gives a mix of ergonomics and functionality easily adaptable to varying sizes. In this restyling, choosing primordial materials as iron, wood and stone has emphasized the strong points of the new solution, to preserve harmony in the entire composition and to mirror the style and aesthetics of the contemporary living.

Volare becomes synonymous with “sharing”: sharing the passion for the cuisine, that becomes inclusion and gathering, capable of underlining the cultural heritage of the culinary art. Volare embraces the idea of the kitchen as a meeting place, introducing itself as a new possibility of reflection around the concept of modern conviviality.

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