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Vista Essence. Less is more. 07.09.2020

The quality of life in the office is determined, among other things, also by the space management. If it is true that an orderly environment stimulates our mental order, surely a room where each element is distributed in a functional way reconciles our concentration and the performance of all activities.
For Newform Ufficio, designing a workspace means responding to the needs of those who have to take it up, and from this need the Vista Essence collection was created. Its strength lies in the multiplicity of available configurations.

Among the many solutions, in fact, there is one designed for personal offices. Inspired by the principle of ‘less is more’, the line of furnishings is characterized by an essential design and the functionality of a few but fundamental elements. The desk, for example, has a large and spacious top, supported on one side by an A-shaped leg and on the other by a back supporting unit. This unit becomes a symbol of a new way of conceiving space, which is no longer limited to the surface of the table, but turns around it. Thus, with the open shelves on one side and the door on the other, the unit becomes an emblem of practicality and multifunctionality.

The modular bookcases are essential as well, customizable both in the internal organization and in the finishes. The possibility to choose from a wide range of colors for glass and melamine gives a touch almost glam, which enlivens and lights up the environment.

As mentioned, Vista Essence allows to satisfy any need, so, in addition to individual workstations, ad hoc solutions for open spaces and dining areas, Newform Ufficio has also thought about meeting rooms, offering furnishings stylistically consistent with all other elements. For example the meeting tables feature the same A-shaped metal legs also available for desks and central trays useful for the passage and organization of cables.

Newform Ufficio has made Vista Essence a symbol of the corporate spirit, meeting the specific needs of different areas in each company: a single large project declined from time to time in a different way, which represents each role to best express the strength given by the union of all elements.

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