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Vista Essence. Wood or Non-Wood? 09.04.2020

For the restyling of the Vista collection, Newform Ufficio has chosen an ethically sustainable material: melamine. Thus, thanks to particular working techniques, Vista Essence has been created: a furniture line that boasts a wide range of finishes with visual and tactile properties recalling real wood or even fabric.

All the elements of the collection, whether desk, back-supporting storage, bookcase or partition, are striking for their simple, linear, light and above all functional design: in fact, each complement is designed to adapt to the most diverse working needs and to always ensure maximum usability of any space.

By allowing multiple configurations of the workstations, Vista Essence is ideal for open spaces and coworking areas. The back-supporting storages, for example, can support the desks to allow a smooth distribution of the desktops, but they also serve an important “space-saving” function: since they are container units, it is possible to store any object, from documents to computers. Besides, thanks to the comfortable cushions upholstered in fabric, they can be transformed into extra seats.

The never intrusive dividing screens are available both in opaque and semi-transparent finish, and can be accessorized to keep the desks well-ordered: to create small and useful shelves for objects, it is possible to equip them with an upper profile for hanging special translucent polycarbonate accessories.

To make the tables as spacious and tidy as possible, Newform Ufficio has studied special solutions such as cpu holders in perforated sheet metal, channeled legs for cable management, sliding shelves for electrification access.

Furthermore, the orgatowers delimit and expand the usability of the workplace: designed with compartments and internal accessories, they allow everyone to have their own storage space.

In a historical moment where Teleworking and Green choices are increasingly important for the present and the future, the latter solution becomes ideal for carving out a working area at home: by integrating the storage unit directly to the desk, all you need is a single piece of furniture to be able to use a desktop and a container without occupying too much space. Thanks to the finishes that faithfully reproduce the essences of wood without damaging the trees, it is also possible to give a touch of design to the environment.

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