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VISTA ESSENCE. The collection in a perfect “managerial style” 28.06.2018

Born from the restyling of Vista collection, one of Newform Ufficio bestsellers, Vista Essence offers functional and light office furniture, expression of a design that combines simplicity and pleasantness. The wide range of accessories, desks and the large variety of finishes and colors make it possible to define a precise but versatile style, adapting to different work needs.

The main goal of Newform Ufficio is to create a motivating and welcoming workplace that can look at the quality of working life before the simple management of space. The multiplicity of configurations of Vista Essence collection has been designed to meet the needs of different environments, from the operative sector to the managerial one. If today meeting rooms and managerial areas are representative spaces, for dynamic and modern business realities as well as a mirror of their identity, the managers are more and more attentive to the design of their offices. Vista Essence, with its agile structure and the possibility of combining different materials, meets the need for a rigorous and at the same time minimal workspace. An example is the desk, simple and linear, characterized by the contrast between the lightness of the glass top and the strength of the metal leg; the service cabinet instead plays a double and practical function of container and support for the desktop.

The high-level technological solutions, the quality of the materials and the wide-ranging finishes make each project unique. A collection with a ‘tailor-made’ philosophy to organize and experience space.

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