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Verso and Trim, the new sloped hoods by Falmec 09.11.2017

Cooker hoods are one of the most frequently evolving aspect in our kitchens. The need of creating charming pieces of art, goes with the constant research for an improved technology. Sloped hoods are the latest trend in contemporary interior design, they purify air but also enhance the kitchen. All this is well achieved in the new models Verso and Trim by Falmec. They are versatile pieces of design which fit in many different spaces thanks to their elegance and geometric shapes.

Verso is available in two different sizes, 55 or 85 cm. Both of them have two overlapping glasses for an improved fumes ejection. The upper glass panel can be opened and adjusted when a more powerful filtration is needed. Verso performances are assured by a 800 m3 /h motor and by a double suction area located both in the lower part of the hood and in the front one. Verso, emblem of a real beauty that matches simplicity and precious materials, is available in two different colours: white or glossy black.

Trim is an eclectic hood which can be customized in many different finishes. Its extendible front 90 cm panel can be made of glass, ceramic or other materials often used for the kitchens worktops. The performances of Trim are of a high quality standard also thanks to the 800 m3 /h motor.

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