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Versatile and with strong appeal: here are Bross stool 09.02.2017

Once they were used almost exclusively in bars. It was there that tall chairs were tested, side by side to the counter, and their seductive charm of not conventional furniture. Colorful, wooden, plastic or transparent, stools are always designed as eclectic objects, multifunctional and transformable: a bit chair, a bit support plane or as elements capable of creating the identity of a place. Their hybrid nature, which has not undergone any change even when the stool is entered in the domestic sphere, it is in fact traditionally associated with a iconic shape, which further emphasizes the singularity.

With Break, Meeting, Five, Tam Tam and Six collections, Bross declines differently the type of the stool, performing with personality trends of contract and contemporary residential spaces.

From funny silhouette of Tam Tam, whose seat evokes a wooden drum, with or without padding cushion and adjustable chromed central column structure, the sign of Five, constructed from a steel tube shaped in form of 5, Bross stools are capable of combining a high degree of comfort to a careful design in every detail.

Break and Meeting, in particular, express the value of craftsmanship, the attention to finishes and the quality of materials, as company production features. The first, proposed in two heights of 65 and 75 cm, has a retro charm, with the wooden shell covered in stitched leather with thin vertical seams that give life to an elegant decoration game. Although in different ways, also Meeting incorporates special processing to stitching of the padding, which enhances the wraparound shape of the seat, supported by a light metal structure, chromed or painted.

Finally, among Bross stools, deserves special attention Six, versatile hexagonal supplement produced since 2013 and used as a side table or seat and that can be used to define compositions with strong appeal, thanks to the different heights available and to the glossy lacquered top in different colors.

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