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A new window on the Far East 02.03.2021

For over 18 years, the historic Marquis showroom has welcomed the best of European and Italian design in its 2000 square meter building located in the heart of Singapore. This extraordinary showcase of western taste and style, fundamental commercial bridge not only with Southeast Asia, but also with the entire Far East, has recently signed an agreement with Turri to include the label among its luxury brands.

It is now well known the path of stylistic change that Turri has undertaken to meet the tastes and needs of the new generations, more ‘global’ and cosmopolitan of the previous ones. So, what better place than Singapore, a global and cosmopolitan city par excellence, which also shares a sort of ‘double soul’ with the Company? On the one hand, the long history, made up, in the case of this city as well as Turri, of essential cultural traditions and values, on the other hand the international flavor, the mixture of styles and inspirations, the constant drive towards innovation and the future.

Thus, while already counting on a strong presence in Asian markets, especially in China, Turri strengthens its presence in the East thanks to the collaboration with Marquis Furniture. In the 150 square meters dedicated to the brand we can find some recent collections and others more iconic, as if to reaffirm, in a recognizable way, that path of change and that openness to contemporary taste that have their roots in a consolidated artisan identity.

What is interesting is the choice of Eclipse collection for the sleeping area, so reassuring and welcoming with its circular shapes, or that of the Melting Light collection for the living and dining areas. This, designed by Frank Jiang, is certainly a furniture collection that embodies the cosmopolitan spirit of both the Company and Singapore, with a style in perfect balance between East and West. Finally, the living room of Milano collection, designed by Studio SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli, becomes a symbol of Italian spirit thanks to the evident inspiration from the city of Milan, a cultural and economic center with an international flavor.

Even in a global emergency phase, the possibility of opening a new showcase In the Far East is nothing more than a confirmation of the trust that Turri gives and obtains from the markets. An optimistic look towards the future, aware of the fact that never before has furniture been a long-term investment and Italian design is an undeniable plus for improving one’s living comfort and therefore the quality of life.

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