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A new collection to keep on telling emotions on the walls 09.03.2021

WallPepper®/Group presents the 2021 catalogue

A new identity for contemporary environments to create unique, stimulating and emotional places, in which you can feel the main character. With the new 2021 graphicsWallPepper®/Group proposes imaginaries that transform and transport living spaces into an unprecedented and fascinating dimension.

The images on the wall furnish and enhance any residential, contract, HO.RE.CA and naval environment, indoor and outdoor. Each graphic, depending on the context of use, can be declined in one of the WallPepper®/Group Materials or Systems, solutions that allow you to transform the wallpaper into a real high-performance decorative support. The walls can thus combine the expressive and emotional strength of the image with real functionality.

WallPepper®/Group wallpapers are made to measure, only with natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and certified materials, to meet any design requirement. These characteristics – combined with an easy way of installation and ad hoc production technology that allows invisible joints by simply putting the sheets one after another – create a professional support suitable for any environment.

The expressive power of the new collection comes from a special openness to the world of nature, its wonders and colors, and its exceptional ability to describe and personalize a space, to realities that let themselves be contaminated by imagination. The 2021 collection reveals suggestive places and fascinating architectures, proposes surprising combinations of shapes and reflections, minimalism, abstract creations, unexpected geometries and iconographic themes.

The WallPepper®/Group catalogue thus tells a new interpretation of contemporary decoration, made up of amazing images that evoke unique, fascinating and seductive atmospheres.

An illustrated design that envelopes the walls to meet any setting needs, creating special places, all to be experienced.



On the occasion of the launch of the new 2021 collection, WallPepper®/Group also presents its new website, an interactive, experiential and engaging place to discover the world of its wallpapers and the numerous application possibilities. Renewed in content and graphics, the new site wants to suggest to the user not only an overview of the WallPepper®/Group decorative solutions, but also to give the user the possibility to live and think about the environments through offering designers a research and work tool.

Discover the new website!

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