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A kitchen with a scenic view 14.01.2021

Ego by Abimis plays the starring role in a private home in Innsbruck

A modern, ‘sculptural’ building, along with simple yet striking interiors, distinguish this elegant edifice situated in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

The home, with a contemporary and sophisticated image, stretches across several levels, each one defined by large floor-to-ceiling windows which grant access to the terraces affording an exceptional view.

Perfectly integrated into the natural surroundings, the house is extraordinarily bright, its interiors having been created with the aim of generating an absolutely functional and tidy home to enjoy the utmost levels of comfort. A dwelling in which the atmosphere, which strikes the perfect balance between spatial design and contemporary style, comes off as warm, relaxing and welcoming.

The kitchen is situated on the top floor and its layout is completely open-plan, like a ‘room with a view’ that also houses the dining area. Here, the mesmerising combination of wooden furnishings with the stainless steel of the Ego kitchen by Abimis accentuates the style of the entire space.

Made entirely out of AISI 304 stainless steel and custom made to accommodate the owners’ particular requirements, Ego is configured in a sophisticated island version, in orbitally polished finish, and with impressive proportions.

Bevelled flush doors that are integrated into the structure, invisible hinging pivots, ergonomic handles, a recessed plinth to grant easier access to the entire depth of the workspace, cooking and washing areas which cohabit on the same joint-free worktop for guaranteed hygiene and practicality: these are the details which transform this domestic kitchen into a professional ‘system’. This Ego composition also includes a heated compartment, designed to help dish up on warm plates or avoid food going cold and having to reheat it when the time finally comes to place it on the table.

Ego brings a new idea of domestic comfort and ergonomic design to any residential project: where comfort encompasses both physical and emotional well-being as well as the rational and smart organisation of all space; ergonomics is meant as quality of everyday life in the kitchen, thanks to elements and solutions devised to optimise people’s movements and to make every single task easier, from preparing dishes to cleaning.

Abimis for a Private Home, Innsbruck

Project: Architect Philipp Schwab

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

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