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An open-air kitchen 04.02.2021

Atelier by Abimis plays the starring role in a charming garden in Brera

The courtyard of an impressive late 18th Century building in Brera, a historic and charming district situated in the heart of the old Milan, has been transformed into an exceptional ‘showcase’ for an unprecedented interpretation of Atelier, the iconic kitchen by Abimis.

Atelier has been built in an elegant version here, with a compact structure, allowing its owners to cook outdoors during the warmer weather and to ‘move’ it to the winter garden of this exclusive home at the first signs of the autumn cold. Thanks to its volumes and to the technical characteristics that define it, the Atelier kitchen adds value to both outdoor and indoor settings at the same time.

Atelier, in its special outdoor configuration, emphasises the value of cooking in the open air too, suggesting not just a new way to customise your outdoor settings, but to enjoy a contemporary kitchen as a place for rediscovered sociability. The composition is entirely in stainless steel, an alloy that makes the kitchen withstand variations in temperature, bad weather as well as damage caused by atmospheric corrosion.

Fully bespoke, not just in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of the owners’ requirements, retains its typical squared doors and the unmistakable meticulous, elemental and formal design.

Abimis takes the versatility and quality of a professional kitchen outdoors.
This outdoor offering is the perfect example of style and design experience, where the construction balances, such as stability, sturdiness and ergonomics, come together with the utmost efficiency and functionality. Cooking outdoors therefore becomes a surprising ‘plan’, capable of creating a new experience to come into contact with nature and a new ‘form’ of relaxation and sociability in the open air.


Abimis for a Private Home, Milan, Brera

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

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