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An open-air kitchen #5 01.06.2021

Abimis for a villa in Emilia Romagna

The Atelier kitchen by Abimis, in its outdoor version, plays the starring role in the garden of a villa situated just a stone’s throw from Parma, a charming country estate set in the utmost peace and quiet for maximum privacy. Here, cooking in the open air turns into an enjoyable and relaxing ritual which confirms the winning combination of ‘cooking and relaxing’.

With Atelier, this mesmerising ‘terrace’ surrounded by nature is transformed into a welcoming open-air living room that communicates through a large sliding glass door with the indoor space, a large open-plan setting that includes the indoor kitchen and the sitting room.

The composition is entirely in stainless steel, an alloy that makes the kitchen withstand variations in temperature, bad weather as well as damage caused by atmospheric corrosion. Proposed here in the sophisticated Scotch Brite finish, stainless steel is the ideal material for cooking outdoors: it is biologically neutral, hygienic and easy to clean.

Fully bespoke to accommodate the owners’ desire for a second kitchen they could use during the warmer weather and which would blend in seamlessly with the surrounding nature, Atelier is a simple and compact solution, measuring just 180 cm in length that comprises a cooking area, a washing area, a worktop, two storage compartments and two practical deep drawers. Retaining its typical squared doors, recessed plinth and the meticulous, elemental and formal design, Atelier features a practical 30 cm wall panel – also in stainless steel – which defines the kitchen and protects the top.

Functionality, efficiency, comfort and flexibility in space make outdoor kitchens by Abimis easy to use; every single project is designed and built to turn the household kitchen into a professional ‘workstation’ that is equipped and organised to be fit for a chef, with passion.


Abimis for a private home in Parma

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

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