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A ceiling of ‘air and light’ in the kitchen 22.04.2020

Some people prefer hoods with a ‘spectacular’ visual impact due to their large size and distinctive design. Others prefer solutions, especially for space restrictions, which ‘disappear’ completely into the wall cabinet. In-between these two kinds of people, there are those who favour a more discreet approach in terms of visibility: the hood is there and you can see it, just look up. Falmec’s ceiling mounted hoods are all characterised by clean lines and extreme simplicity that allow them to integrate perfectly into the ceiling or false ceiling, occupying minimal space. Particularly suitable in locations that combine kitchen and living areas, this type of hood collects and captures, directly in the ceiling, the cooking fumes and vapours, which rise upwards naturally.

Among the most recent solutions proposed by Falmec, Vega is the first ceiling hood equipped with the innovative Circle.Tech filter technology. This is particularly effective in filtering odours and reducing the humidity of the vapours, thanks to the combined use of activated carbon and zeolite. Available in either a white, stainless steel or black finish, Vega stands out for its rigorous and geometric design, which features a large, luminous panel made of tempered glass at its base. The latter, thanks to the Dynamic Light function, changes the hue of the light to adapt to any context in the home. Even the Sirio model, characterised by the sober elegance of white tempered glass, offers the advantages of perimeter extraction and an LED lighting system, with its four light sources positioned on each side of the structure.

Further solutions are represented by Alba and Nuvola. The first, designed by Alberto Saggia and Valerio Sommella, achieves an extraordinary aesthetic result thanks to the perimeter glass frame that protrudes from the ceiling, becoming the only visible element of the entire hood.
For impeccable continuity, this model also allows the option of painting the white panel to match the shade of the ceiling panel. The glass frame is the last part to be inserted; it traces a transparent, but well-defined line, which lights up when the hood is in operation, providing clear and effective lighting to the hob. The second, Nuvola, available in the 90 cm and wider 140 cm versions, is characterised by the frame and the side plates with a stainless steel or white finish, and a central panel in silk-screened extra clear frosted glass.

Vega, Sirio, Alba, Nuvola and all the other Falmec ceiling hoods are designed to be controlled directly from a Falmec hob through Dialogue System technology.
Various filter kits are also available for the filtered version of all models with this type of installation for even better performance.

With Carbon.Zeo technology, which combines the natural properties of activated carbon and zeolite for the absorption of humidity and bad odours, Falmec offers a filter unit kit in which the air is conveyed, filtered and emitted back into the environment through an air outlet that is inserted into the false ceiling. With Carbon.Zeo technology, a filter kit with a vertical outlet is also available. For this, the air is re-emitted into the room through the vertical wall of the suspended ceiling, resulting in a significant reduction in the visibility of the outlet grid. Finally, equipped with both Carbon.Zeo and E.ion® System technology, the E.ion® ceiling filter kit combines the extraordinary properties of activated carbon and zeolite with the controlled bipolar ionisation system that eliminates irritants and pollutants, restoring a perfect ionic balance to the environment.

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