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An exciting blast from the past: the bar cabinet according to Alivar 27.02.2019

The bar cabinet constitutes an exciting classic blast from the past. This fascinating piece of furniture contains a rich series of compartments inside, to store glasses, cut glass bottles and all the necessary accessories to create the perfect corner dedicated to cocktails and drinks. For this exclusive opportunity to relax and socialise, Alivar suggests different bar cabinet models with a variety of materials and finishes, yet which all share the same classy style and elegance that distinguish this object from the past.

Atmospheres from the culture of the East are revealed in Oriental Bar which, like a time machine, conveys all the charm of old Chinese sideboards not just in the shape but above all in the detail of the ‘latch’ lock in black nickel or champagne painted brass. The outer frame of Oriental Bar is available in MDF, either matt lacquered, glossy lacquered or with a ‘glazed ceramic’ effect thanks to the “Terra di Galestro” finish that stands out for its soft, silky- smooth texture that vibrates in the light in the colours of natural soils. The two doors conceal an accessorised compartment, distinguished by a mirrored surface and an inner light, with everything you need to create a small, fully-equipped bar corner: from the glass shelf to the central shelf in coffee leather, the drawers and additional multi-purpose shelves made of rosewood. The base of Oriental Bar is made of solid oak wood with black nickel or champagne finish painted brass tips.

Another model offered by Alivar goes under the name of Tratto Bar and features a minimal, simple yet striking design, with an outer frame available in Italian walnut or heat-treated oak. This sideboard is a genuine ode to the essence of wood, to the warmth and atmospheres this material is able to create, combined with the leather used to upholster the two doors, the handles and the inner top. Like Oriental, Tratto Bar also conceals a host of accessories, with a mirror inside that adds depth to the three large drawers, supplemented by shelves on either side, two small leather drawers and additional different-sized shelves.

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