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Uma Sound Lantern by Pablo Designs 11.05.2018

Light and sound in one solution

UMA Sound Lantern by Pablo Designs is a portable lamp that revolutionizes and redefines the concept of lantern in contemporary times.
Designed by Pablo Pardo and Carmine Deganello, UMA combines, in one solution, the Warm Dimming LED light control technology to a 360 ° high fidelity surround speaker, with a truly unique design.

Thanks to the leather handle, available in tan and gray finishes, UMA can be easily carried to any indoor and outdoor environment, becoming an illuminating object that creates pleasant atmospheres.

Faithful to the philosophy of Pablo Designs, always looking for smart solutions that enrich the relationship between objects and their users, UMA can be considered an extraordinarily innovative lamp.
Equipped with touch volume control and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows wireless transmission of the highest quality audio from any linked mobile device, UMA allows you to listen your favorite music in any environment for up to 8 hours. Moreover, the luminous intensity is easily adjustable thanks to an elegant ring positioned in the top of the lantern.

UMA Sound Lantern represents, therefore, a perfect combination of light and sound that invites to enjoy many pleasant moments of conviviality.

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