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Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow, Pantone colours on Turri furniture 13.01.2021

Evermore today than in the past, the Pantone represents the spirit of an exceptional year by proposing as a trend for 2021, not a single colour, but a combination of two different ones. On the one hand Ultimate Grey, a shade that evokes a play of light and shadow, almost a symbol of uncertainty, and on the other Illuminating yellow, capable of spreading energy and positivity. These two colours best express the feelings experienced in 2020, between fears and desire to recover.

Well, if the colour of the year is intended, as always, to enter our homes, Turri has already expanded its range of finishes by proposing some of its latest pieces of furniture in the shades suggested by the Pantone.

These new colours are available for the dining and living areas designed by Andrea Bonini. The Zero table in which the shades of the marble top harmonize perfectly with the wing legs covered in grey leather and embellished with metal details; Zenit chairs characterized by a thin and contemporary structure, proposed in various shades of grey and yellow that can be combined with each other, and the vitrine of the same collection with enveloping doors covered in leather, completed by a light glass case.

For the sleeping area, on the other hand, the Vine bench and pouf, designed by Frank Jiang. The first one stands out for the sinuous design of the wooden structure, result of a careful craftsmanship, the second one for the extraordinary comfort and functionality. With its soft and circular shapes, the pouf is equipped with a large front opening, which is useful not only for increasing the ergonomics of the seat itself but also for storing objects.

While meeting the most contemporary trends, each Turri product remains unique and inimitable, the expression of a long tradition of craftsmanship, an ambassador in the world of the best Italian ‘know-how’. A story of passion, manual skill and attention to every detail. Capable of lending itself to any change and therefore ready to welcome next year’s Pantone colours.

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