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Ula & Baba by Serena Confalonieri for MY home collection 28.06.2017

Objects speak through their design. Some tell a tale that originates from images and suggestions from distant places located deep-down in memory.

Thus, in an ‘imaginary’ trip to far-away Africa, the new armchairs designed by Serena Confalonieri for MY home collection have come to be; their shapes, colours and their very name refers to the charming and lively traditions of this spectacular continent.

Like a souvenir from a trip that brings to mind the scents and sensations of an unforgettable experience, similarly, through colours borrowed from tropical flora and the soft, warm hues of the earth, Ula & Baba recall the typical clothes and accessories of the fascinating culture of African tribes.

The game of contrasts is also evident, not just in the combination of colours, but also in the pursuit of volumes between the backrest and the seat, and the slim-line, monochrome body that moves sinuously through the welcoming shapes of the padding.

Ula & Baba are extremely versatile objects with a strong exotic influence, suited to both private homes and contract settings, capable of customising spaces with a touch of fresh bonhomie.

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