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Every outdoor style with Alma Design 29.06.2016

Outdoor, yes! But how? When furnishing outdoor spaces, there are two distinct phylosophies: patios with neutral-colored chairs and wrought-iron tables that remind of countryside homes, or déhors furnished with colorful pieces of furniture, in spring-like pastel tones or in the typical colours of the Mediterranean culture: orange, yellow, light blue and moka.

Some people think that outdoor spaces are an extension of their homes, something elegant and put-together that does not create any interruption; others, on the contrary, use the space as an occasion to celebrate the good weather, the joy of the holidays and free time.

Alma Design interprets efficaciously both tendencies and offers a selection of products refined and elegant, playful and iconic, that share the fact to be practical, functional and, above all, contemporary.

2525JR, the “small” version of 2525, belongs to the second category: a polyethilene stool that, according to the profile where it’s turned, forms the numbers two or five. This configuration is made possible by the two “gaps” created inside the conical shape, that works as footrest or for small personal belongings. Moreover, the opening in the upper part works as a handle to make the operation of moving the stool easier and more manageable. 2525JR is stackable, guarantees high resistance to UV rays and various atmospheric agents. It is available in white, anthracite, red, sand and orange.

Nonò is a smart solution too, because of the vivid colours and the same way of fruition: the structure, that is composed of three legs, not only suggests a single, new way of sitting but an extraordinary range of uses. Straddling, leaning on, getting comfortable or crossing legs, everyone can find his / hers favourite position with Nonò.

The “Y” collection, instead, is characterised by a sophisticated design that fits perfectly in institutional contexts. It has soft and elegant lines; the client can order it with different bases, fixed or swivel, chromed or powder-coated. Its embracing and contemporary shape is ergonomic and allows a high level of comfort and the possibility, for some versions, to stack the product.

Bistrò, moreover, represents the archetype of country chic furniture, with its smooth and pretty profiles that remind of ornaments cut into vellum paper. Red, white or black polished steel enhances the retro’ lines of the table, which is perfect to furnish farmhouses surrounded by pastoral landscapes or terraces of historical buildings.

The development of revolutionary treatments with nanotechnology, born from Alma Design’s desire to offer absolutely avant-garde solutions, finally allows the company to push beyond the mere interpretation of tendencies. Alma Design does not limit itself to drawing a product, a character or a space: the new super hydro and oleophobic coating, applicable on demand on the products in the catalogue, guarantees the possibility to use materials traditionally limited to indoor spaces, like upholsteries, fabrics, leathers, and wood in indoor and outdoor spaces equally. With the result of a 360° flexibility.

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