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R1: all the compositions 21.09.2021

More than just a kitchen, R1 is a real project designed by Ulisse Narcisi for Rastelli. A ‘system’ created to furnish with always different and unique compositions, the most convivial and welcoming place in the house, the space that more than any other deserves to be ‘personal’ and functional. A kitchen as a space of life and relationship, R1, that never cease to amaze for its ability to ‘reinvent’ itself and to offer always customizable solutions, able to meet any need.

Among the many proposals, the one with FENIX Grey Ephesus doors includes a large central island is surprising for its extraordinary visual impact. Extremely essential lines and rigorous volumes featured in this composition with a contemporary taste, without renouncing to the warmth of conviviality.

Expression of absolute minimalism, this R1 composition meets one of the latest trends in cooking: it’s becoming ever more popular to ‘forgo’ overhead cabinets in favor of cabinetry and open shelving, useful to give a lighter and airy look to the entire environment. Discreet and at the same time full of charisma, the kitchen turns into a manifesto of pure design, hiding most of its operational functions.

The layout with Forma white glossy lacquered doors is a clear example of the unlimited design possibilities offered by this model. To make full use of the space, the kitchen is developed in order to create some sort of “oasis” inside the living room. The minimal design and rigorous geometries enhance the linearity of the composition.

Black is a classic colour in the fashion world but it has also a hold on design unmatched by any other color. An example of this is the composition with the wall-mounted unit running through six modules with doors in lead liquid metal finish; these doors, completely smooth and with c-channel opening, are characterised by the peculiarity of the color, rich and full, and create a subtle game of contrasts with the wall cabinets’ doors, in dark fabric glass and black aluminum frame.

Timeless style and original details meet and harmonize in this version with a contemporary flavour. The combination between the special copper liquid foil finish, the warm shades of porcelain stoneware, and the enveloping rovere moka colour, suggest a familiar atmosphere.

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