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All Fabula’s compositions. A tale of styles and places. 16.06.2021

In a play of balance between the style of timeless environments and precious contemporary accents, Narcisi designer, with Fabula, succeeds in reinterpreting the classic taste to tell an ever-changing space, precisely the kitchen, still today the hub of the house for emotional as well as functional reasons.

A project inspired by the concept of ‘fabula’, typical of literary criticism. It is the set of elements that makes the story, capable of mixing different styles in order to tell about a place made of conviviality and sharing, and more than any other can be found in the kitchen, in both ancient and modern imaginary and across several countries.

Sophistication, in aesthetic and rational terms, is a quality that can be found in every Fabula composition. Among the many doors available, framed or completely smooth, those in MDF stand out: a long and complex process, also manual at some stage, gives them a special ‘glossy’ effect. The result is an optical illusion, with doors in ‘glossy white or aluminium lacquered metal effect’, matched to doors and columns available in light grey, oak, ebony, white lacquered, and so on. An innovative detail, able to give a contemporary touch to even the most traditional configurations.

The composition in matt lacquered dove grey is a perfect example of this mixture of classic and modern style. The balance is given on the one hand by more contemporary elements, like the completely smooth doors of the base cabinets combined to glass wall cabinets with lacquered frame. On the other hand by classic elements, such as the cupboard in dilavato oak finish with two large doors and four drawers, perfect for storing cookware and dishware, also echo of an almost rural tradition.

Even the most austere style can be ‘contaminated’ by industrial details. That is what happens in the composition with smooth doors in leather oak finish, embellished with an essential steel handle, where the elegance of marble selected for the worktop and the back panels, perfectly combines with the large professional hood, the wall cabinets and the display cabinets with framed doors in chromed metal and smoked glass.

Characterized mainly by order, rigour and essentiality, here is a configuration of Fabula inspired by the oriental tradition, visible in the distribution of the elements –the working area, with the cooking and washing areas on the one hand and the tall cabinets and built-in household appliances on the other – and the zen-like balance created by the quality of materials combined with the linearity of volumes.

Finally, a colonial style composition, starring a large kitchen island, typical of American-style kitchens. The integrated breakfast table in E:wood quercia finish, perfect to have snacks and small meals, increases the functionality of this unit, which is already equipped with spacious compartments. By using the heights, the wall cabinets and columns with metal framed glass doors optimize the distribution of objects, kitchen utensils and dishes, giving also a more contemporary touch to the environment.

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