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Turri: Italian Style since 1925 moving towards a new big change 29.01.2019

Above: Daniel Libeskind for Turri – Salone del Mobile 2019


Times and strategies change, as a natural answer to the unavoidable evolution of global markets and of its consumers’ awareness. Turri strategies are changing too.

Turri is an Italian company founded in 1925 and actually spread all over the world with its furniture, icons of the authentic Italian Design and still deeply characterized by handmade craftsmanship.

Turri has reached its leadership into the international market thanks to its originality, uniqueness, and quality, and nowadays it is ready for a new challenge, also by approaching unexplored markets.

Big business and corporate operations will take place in the next years, with plans for a big change of the company reality, which will move towards a more contemporary identity, a different target, a new approach to the product, innovative marketing strategies, new advertising campaigns, and communications goals.

Change is a word that could generally scare, but to us, it has provided the inspiration and the energy that was necessary to follow an intuition: we are sure this will bring Turri company into a new era,“ Andrea Turri says. “In almost a century of history, the company took important decisions which made Turri a healthy and competitive reality, ambassador of the Italian style into the world. It is not the first time that Turri chooses new opportunities: after a long period of study and business plans, in 1975 Turri decided to look at foreign markets with the consequent reorganization of the production and administration departments. At that time, the decision required huge investments, but today the export represents the high majority of the company turnover and that operation resulted primary for Turri success. Today we are living a similar moment, where an important growth is expected as a consequence of significant decisions. In order to further increase the results, we are choosing then new partners to freely share thoughts and values during the following years”.


For the incoming Milan Design Week 2019, new collaborations with important worldwide interlocutors are taking place. Well rooted into this productive process of change, for the international communication area, Turri decided to give Cavalleri Comunicazione the management of the activities related to the PR and press agency, in Italy and abroad.

Some people change, but the story continues with the usual success, with Turri closer to the 100th birthday and closer to new goals as well, every time bigger and more ambitious.

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