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Turri expands the Zenit collection. Designed by Andrea Bonini. 27.05.2021

Launched in 2020 and designed by Andrea Bonini, Turri’s Zenit collection is now expanding with the introduction of a new element for the dining area. Already characterized by the use of precious materials such as marble, wood, leather and metal, and by an underlying idea of lightness and suspension, Zenit once again meets the most refined contemporary taste, projecting Turri into new international scenarios.

The careful balance in the overlapping of surfaces returns protagonist of the new storage unit, perfectly matching the well-known sideboard. Even in this case, thin and light metal feet support an enveloping wooden structure, covered in leather. The continuity of the three glossy lacquered wooden doors, slightly higher than the top to facilitate its grip, is “interrupted” by the more sinuous side of the cabinet: here a low and curved drawer, always covered in leather and finished with an elegant profile in chrome metal, creates a spacious open shelf under the top.

The storage unit thus enriches and completes a dining collection with a strong identity character. From the table to the chairs, through the vitrine and the sideboard, each element brings with it the traces of a well-defined stylistic code, capable of guaranteeing perfect harmony in the combination of all the pieces of the collection. Furthermore, the use of different materials such as wood, marble, glass, metal, leather and fabric, and the extraordinary craftsmanship of Turri, allow to create contrasts – even chromatic ones – each time unique, for a remarkable customization experience. Not only being able to choose your own furniture, but feeling part of their own design and construction, it is basically a luxury that only companies like Turri can offer, with its long manufacturing tradition and exquisite attention to every detail.

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