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Ego by Abimis in the heart of Dublin 25.02.2020

Tradition with a contemporary twist

A typical Irish house situated just outside the historic city centre, included within a terraced structure that develops vertically across several floors. A charming piece of architecture, with stones and exposed bricks, which reveals a surprising interior, where timeless objects and furnishings suggest atmospheres marked by retro inspiration.

The kitchen, which is fitted with a ‘bright’ Ego in mirror finish that is completed with upper wall units and Abimis tall storage units, opens out onto a stylish winter garden, comprising large glazed surfaces to benefit from all the natural light and the domestic comfort afforded by the same. This characteristic ‘open air’ living room looks like the natural extension of the kitchen and vice-versa: one setting flows seamlessly into the other, with everything bringing to mind a game of mesmerising and captivating contrasts of materials, surfaces, decorations, interiors and sophisticated objects.

The refurbishment project for the house gave rise to spaces with a strong personality, defined by a fascinating styling impact and full functionality with a contemporary twist.

The space accommodating the Ego kitchen is extensive and bright, and also features solutions embracing age-old values, such as the stove and the fireplace, which are alternated with contemporary, more concrete elements. The resplendent polished stainless steel of the Abimis kitchen, the pale wood parquet floor, the exposed black brick cove with ceramic tiles and the white walls have contributed towards creating an ‘engaging’ location, capable of suggesting feelings of warmth and familiarity.

The kitchen, which is the result of the precious tailoring abilities of Abimis, is extremely versatile and functional: the hob and washing station is complete with doors, drawers and wall units at the top; the exclusive recessed plinth of the Ego line, which makes for more flexibility in all tasks, is in the orbitally polished finish and houses push-pull deep drawers without handles, which are extremely easy to open.

The distinctive bevelled flush doors that are integrated into the structure of Ego are teamed with large handles with rounded edges produced in a refined brass finish. The side wall on the other hand plays host to the ‘preservation and organisation phase’ with a range of tall units, again in stainless steel, where the same ergonomic handles have been fitted. The special mirror-finish of Ego interacts with the natural light flooding in from the winter garden and with the surrounding environment, creating truly mesmerising visual effects.

Abimis stainless steel (AISI 304), a flawless material in terms of hard-wearing durability, hygiene and practicality, was ‘arranged’ here in several finishes, which were matched skilfully: mirror-finish and orbitally polished, leaving room for the natural shine of stainless steel too.

Ph. Credits: Matteo Cirenei

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