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TOWER EVO. From the trilithon to office furniture. 13.09.2018

Newform Ufficio, in collaboration with the designer Riccardo Vincenzetti, has created a new version of Tower, an office furniture collection with a contemporary taste. This is how Tower Evo was conceived, a simple and essential collection inspired by the trilithon, an architectural form composed of two vertical elements and a third one placed horizontally above them.

Desks, open units, wall solutions, supporting service units, bookcases: the simple lines of these accessories feature a strong materiality, given by the combination of different materials and finishes.

Functionality and practicality are matched with precious design details, such as doors and drawers handles: a visual and tactile element made of metal alloy and carved with a particular technique of low relief to give a touch of personalization to your office space.

In addition to wood, available in various finishes, the collection main material is glass, chosen for desktops, so as not to renounce professional rigor.

Tower Evo is adaptable, designed for multiple spaces to be dynamic, functional, and always customizable.

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