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Toncelli inaugurates its first single brand store in Milan 27.04.2016

It is located in one of the streets recommended in all architectural guide books about Milan, with two buildings designed by Carlo De Carli in the early 1950s and the rationalist example of the “Casa a ville sovrapposte” (stacked house building) by Figini and Pollini. Via dei Giardini is the cradle of Italian culture, but it is also an oasis of peace and quiet that borders with the fashion district, offering a different way to enjoy luxury, one that is more reserved and elitist. At number 10, immersed in the canopies of the centuries-old Sycamore trees and the climbing wisteria, the new Toncelli showrooms confirms the characteristics which have made this little corner of Brera so famous: culture, in fact, which for this Tuscan-based company translates into the pursuit of the extraordinary wood-working tradition; and again luxury, conceived as the exclusive appeal of custom-made furniture, made with the finest materials and with a discrete and elegant design.

Inaugurated on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2016, the showroom is a place for industry professionals and a selection of private clients to experiment with Toncelli kitchens and their design according to craftsmanship passion and the most sophisticated technology. Indeed, the more than 200 square metre space reproduces a smooth path amid shapes and materials, elements which the manufacturer bases its customised furniture in every detail, adjusting and fine tuning to perfection to accommodate every particular requirement. A customisable and unique ‘object’, balancing between innovation and design, the kitchen is presented as a natural extension of the living room: the technical contents make for extraordinary versatility, making it possible to define an increasingly elemental styling, which blends in seamlessly with living room environments.

The Essential model, with its delightful finish in Noir Saint Laurent marble, elm and leather finish and the home automation features that accentuate its sculptural personality, welcomes visitors to the flagship store. It is linear and unconventional, just like Wind, the concrete kitchen which together with the Plinto table and the Cocktail and Wine Tall Units occupy the heart of the setting, flooded with light by large windows that overlook the lush vegetation which the street has been named after. Set amid the minimalist blocks of Wind, the Tea Tall Unit thus offers a very effective decorative motif: the three-dimensional game of the doors is in fact reproduced in the ceiling panels, volumes with different depths to provide the setting with dynamic rhythm, producing an extremely elegant overall effect.

Lastly, Essence, which decorates the last room in the showroom, is the novelty for 2016 with which Toncelli designates its interpretation of an American-style kitchen.

Presenting an ample, functional composition equipped with household appliances which have been strategically inserted within cabinets, with the exception of the impressive refrigerator, the genuine status symbol of the typical US kitchen, and therefore quite rightly left in the free-standing version. Lebanese Cedar wood, the wood finish selected for this kitchen model, also lends the composition an unmistakable fragrance, for all-round well-being.

“The showroom is a place where we want to express the inestimable wealth of our manufacturing know-how, our passion for wood working, but also our research into materials and sophisticated technology. It is to be the first of a series of strategic openings, thanks to which we wish to allow professionals to appreciate the quality of our creations first-hand. Milan is without a doubt the capital of design, the place where trends are set, the city of furniture par excellence, and we are proud to announce our presence here” concludes Lorenzo Toncelli, Sales Manager of the company.

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